Print Screen


Print Screen does exactly what it's called. It prints the current screen to the Default Printer at it's current resolution settings.
This is great for printing Presentations, Images, Video Clips and Open Files.
It's absolutely necessary for documenting Programmes or quickly saving Complex Settings.
Simply click the 'PrintScreen.exe' link and save it to your Desktop!


This program works in Windows 7-10 and you can download it free from this Website.
Just ignore any warnings because I haven't signed it yet. It's absolutely harmless and absolutely fantastic. Trust me!
Installation Prompt: Click the "Do it anyway" button! (Trotzdem ausführen)

Please print the instructions when you start PrintScreen.

N.B: Possible Installation Problems

1. Install and configure your Printer before you install Printscreen. Printscreen will load these settings when the computer is booted.

2. If the Printer-Driver-Information or Printer-Margins are not printed correctly then reboot and restart Printscreen, BEFORE you click the Always-Hide Button. After rebooting the computer the Printer-Driver-Information and Printer-Margins will be printed correctly.

N.B: Possible Usage Problems

If you notice that Printscreen doesn't work then you may need to deselect any open Dialog-Box, by clicking on the Task-Bar at the bottom of the screen, before you press Shift+Printscreen.
This is because some Dialog-Boxes won't accept keyboard input, whereas the Task-Bar always does! This is not a bug but rather a Microsoft design issue.

If correctly installed, PrintScreen will always works properly.

***** NEW: Printscreen now supports DPI-Scaling! *****

Fully tested on Microsoft SurfaceTM tablets.