The Design Procedure


  •  Recognises That Development Is Complex
  •  Common Sense
  •  No Other Way With Limited Resources
  •  User Orientated
  •  Satisfied Client Is The Main Objective
  •  Spiral Of Increasing Complexity
  •  Needs Problem Management
  •  Training Both User & Developer
  •  Simplified Documentation
  •  Flexible And Dynamic
  •  Very Fast If Understood By All Parties

Development Spiral

Activity Schedule

  •  Each Iteration Is More Complex
  •  Protects All Parties From Infomation Overload
  •  The Prototype Is A Communication Tool
  •  The User Guide Forces Developer To Think
  •  The Demonstration Validates Progress
  •  The Client Is Forced To Participate
  •  Regular Feedback Essential
  •  Continually Adjust Prototype & User Guide

Problems & Dangers

  •  Difficult To Identify Scope
  •  Legal Implications Of Budget Overrun
  •  Developer And Client Must Train Each Other

Generic System Model

In Terms Of Information Where The Static Process Is The Data Structure

1996 Richard Bates