Organisation and Software Development

(John) Richard Bates HND BSc(Hons)


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Dear ladies and gentlemen, I'm a software developer currently looking for new projects. I have successfully developed many projects for companies and societies in England and in Germany. I have strong analytic and communicative abilities and work with the utmost diligence and precision. I can work alone or in a team and usually do the project development, testing, installation and documentation myself. I'm accustomed to undertaking large projects, starting from conception through to installation and maintenance. Most projects are repeat orders from satisfied customers. However, because the Product Development Cycle is so short new projects are constantly required.

I have studied for six years full-time. I was awarded a diploma in Business Management (Best Graduate) and an Honours Degree in Computer Science (BSc). Since then I have specialized in management system development on Microsoft operating systems. In the last 20 years, I have accumulated a thorough working knowledge of almost all Microsoft Office products, Microsoft development languages, Microsoft operating systems and the Internet. I'm specialised in Organisation and Software Development and provide Complete Solutions in one Economic Package including: Project Consultancy, Management, Analysis, Design, Implementation, Integration, Security, Documentation, Training and Maintenance. Knowledge and Control is transferred by:

  • Creating Fast, Logical, Reliable and Scalable IT Solutions using Simple and Logical Data Models (Entity Relationship Diagrams)
  • Transferring In-depth Knowledge of Microsoft Products and writing Precise Administration and User Guides
  • Designing Logical User Interfaces, Reports and building secure IT Solutions
  • Providing Telephone Support and Consultancy and building Honest, Open Relationships

All Systems are designed for Microsoft Operating Systems. They are implemented using Microsoft Access or SQL Server Relational Database Management Systems. They are installed as either Client/Server Models on a Local Area Network, or as n-tier Models on an Intranet or Internet. They are designed and implemented using Entity Relationship Diagrams with Enforced Entity, Attribute and Referential Integrity. Additional functionality is written in an appropriate language and Application Programming Interface (API), usually Visual Basic or VBA. The source code is written in modules using Top-Down Analysis and Bottom-Up Design, ensuring clear Functional Dependency and Object Cohesion. Programme Development is based on an Interactive Design Procedure that recognises the fact that the greatest problem in system development is the communication between all parties that have an interest in the system. It attempts to breach this perception gap by implementing a series of Prototypes and User Guides in stages of gradually increasing complexity. This acknowledges the fact that most people are economic in the effort they are willing to put into the design yet still provides a reasonable learning curve. It explicitly attempts to exploit the knowledge and experience of all the interested parties within the company. They may not be consciously aware of this fact, therefore it is the role of the developer to extract their knowledge, experience and requirements, and integrate them into the system design. The System Security is used to empower Users by not restricting the built-in facilities. Users are left free to develop their own innovations without compromising vital business functions.

1996 Richard Bates